REOPENING OF OUR CHURCHES: (Tentative scheduled for early July)

Dear Parishioners,

We are delighted to have now received from the Irish Bishops’ Conference guidelines for the planned re opening of our churches for communal celebrations of Eucharist. Whiles we still await further directives, from the Archdiocese of Dublin, we have been directed to establish a CORE GROUP, which will formulate a clear parish plan for the return to public liturgy, for example, how many people can the church contain at any given celebration? What measures have been put in place to safe guide each other to protect and prevent the spread of the virus. Meanwhile, let us continue to pray fervently over the coming weeks for one another and for all who guide us. Keep the Faith and stay safe.


The CORE GROUP met on Wednesday last to plan for the reopening of our churches. The outcome of the meeting is that we need volunteers for stewarding and cleaning of the churches, particularly at the weekend masses. As we are unsure of how long the current situation will continue when you volunteer for either position remember you could be required for several weeks. The duties etc. will be outlined at a meeting to be held shortly.

Ashford Church:

Saturday evening Mass: 6 stewards and 4 cleaners will be required.

Sunday morning Mass: 6 stewards and 4 cleaners will be required.


Glenealy Church:

Sunday morning Mass: 4 stewards and 4 cleaners will be required.


As the final decision on reopening the churches for Mass requires that we have stewards and cleaners in place the sooner that we get our volunteers in place the more definite we can be on the opening for Mass.


If you are interested in either position you can contact Fr. Eamonn Crosson , 087 6295473 or Liam O’Brien 085 8086715 to leave your details etc.